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PD. Indo Autozone

PD. Indo Autozone

Indo Autozone merupakan solusi terpercaya untuk kebutuhan ban kendaraan industrial khususnya ban forklift dan ban solid orklift serta ban alat berat lainnya seperti ban loader, ban grader, ban traktor, ban crane, ban skid steer,  ban vibro dan reach staker. Selain ban industrial dan ban alat berat, Indo Autozone juga menyediakan velg alat berat, seperti velg loader, velg grader, dan velg forklift.

Didukung oleh tim mekanik yang handal dan profesional, Indo Autozone juga menyediakan layanan jasa service forklift, mulai dari jasa perawatan rutin forklift , jasa perbaikan ringan sampai dengan jasa perbaikan forklift yang memerlukan skill khusus seperti overhaul (turun mesin) dan perbaikan transmisi forklift.



About Us

PD. Indo Autozone (DKI Jakarta, Indonesia)

Indo Autozone is the most complete and reliable solution for the needs of tires and parts for industrial vehicles especially forklifts and heavy equipment used in the area of construction, mining & agriculture such as loaders, graders, skid steers, cranes, tractors, rollers, vibro, reach stakers , etc.
We are determined to be the leading solution for the needs of industrial vehicles and your heavy equipment. Supported by a team of technicians who are reliable, competent and professional, we also provide service for forklifts, ranging from routine maintenance to repairs that require special skills such as overhauling and transmission repairs.
For five years since the establishment of Indo Autozone, we have a client portfolio that is spread evenly in various regions of Indonesia starting from Sumatra, Java, Sulawesi, Kalimantan and even Papua. This is proof of customer trust in us and of course the totality of Indo Autozone's commitment to your satisfaction.

Menjadi perusahaan handal dan terpercaya dalam bidang ban Forklift dan Alat Berat

Memberikan yang tebaik dalam kualitas, harga, penyediaan, dan pelayanan

Indo Autozone bergerak dalam bidang ban forklift. Kami melayani berbagai jenis ban forklift untuk kendaraan industrial dan alat berat anda, hingga layanan perbaikan dan penyewaan alat berat, kami solusinya. Produk yang kami jual diantaranya Ban Forklift, Ban Solid Forklift, Ban Loader, Ban Grader, Ban Traktor, Ban Vibro, Ban Reach Stacker, Ban Crane, Ban Compactor, Ban Compactor, Ban Kendaraan Niaga, dll.

Jalan Hibrida Raya Blok PE 10 No. 27, Kelapa Gading Permai, Jakarta Utara Jakarta Utara
DKI Jakarta , Indonesia

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