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Ban Reach Staker
Ban Reach Staker
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Specification of Ban Reach Staker

Ban Reach Staker

Indo Autozone provides quality reach staker tires at competitive prices.

Reach Stacker is a heavy equipment that is widely used in port or container depots. Reach Stacker should be able to accumulate container as high as 6 vertical stacking and must be able to move with the lively like a passenger car and must have the power to transport a very heavy load.

The function of transporting heavy loads continuously with relatively high speed and maneuverability can cause the Reach Stacker to become unstable and difficult to control.

Two front tires mounted parallel to the Reach Stacker receive pressure and friction between the tire wall or sidewall attached to each other, while the Reach Stacker rear tire receives a heavier counterweight on the back when the Reach Stacker moves without loading the front load. We also provide

To respond to this challenge Reach Stacker must use special high-resistance tires to withstand heavy loads, tires that have stronger walls or sidewall, and tires that enable Reach Stacker to move steadily even at high and continuous maneuver levels.

Experienced in the field, Indo Autozone provides a range of Reach Stacker Tires, Straddle Carrier Tires, Gantry Crane Tires, and Other Heavy Equipment Tires at the port according to their usage with all factors considered to suit your needs.

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