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Reach Stacker Tire

Reach Stacker is a heavy equipment that is widely used in ports or container depots or containers. Reach Stacker must be able to stack 6 high-stacked containers vertically and must be able to move swiftly like a passenger car and must have the power to carry very heavy loads.

The function of carrying heavy loads continuously with relatively high speed and maneuverability level can cause Reach Stacker to become unstable and difficult to control.

Two front tires mounted parallel to the Reach Stacker receive pressure and friction between the tire wall or sidewall that attach to each other, while the rear tire of the Reach Stacker receives a load of counterweight on the back that is heavier when the Reach Stacker moves without carrying the front load.
To answer this challenge Reach Stacker must use special tires that have high durability to withstand heavy loads, tires that have a stronger wall or sidewall, and tires that enable the Reach Stacker to move steadily even at high and continuous maneuvers.

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