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Forklift Solid Tire

We are a distributor company that sells solid forklift tires or often called dead tires / solid tires / blind tires / dead-end tires / forklift solid tires. One of the advantages of this type of forklift tire is that it is not easily damaged or torn if it is punctured by sharp objects such as nails, glass and metal plates.

We also provide non marking solid forklift tires, which are solid tires that leave no trace on the floor. Solid tires of this type are usually white, gray or green in color, and are generally used in industrial sectors that require a high level of hygiene, such as food factories, chemical plants, pharmaceutical factories, etc.

Immediately contact our marketing who will be happy to recommend solid tires that are right for your forklift vehicle.

The brands we support: Ascendo, Trelleborg, Greckster, Unitop, Aichi, Bridgestone, etc.
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