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Truck Tire

The type of truck car that we know may be only a few. But actually there are many types of trucks in this world. Apart from being distinguished by function, these types of trucks can be distinguished according to the tires used.Although all types of trucks have almost the same function, namely as a heavy transport vehicle, the goods transported vary and are different so the tire requirements of each truck are also different.The first type is a tank truck. This type of truck car is usually used to transport liquid objects such as chemical liquids, fuel oil, or various types of gas. Because the transported goods are very dangerous, the tires used must be able to maintain the stability of the tank truck body. This type of truck driver also usually drives very carefully and the speed is usually no more than 80 km / hour.The next truck is a small box truck. This truck is also called a pick-up box. This car includes the type of small size truck that is widely used for shipping, distribution, and shipping goods in a flash. Because it requires speed, the tire selection is adjusted to its function. The usual car box uses a tire all season tire that is comfortable and suitable for use on paved roads and is suitable for high speed use.The next type of truck is a tronton or a large truck. In accordance with its size, this truck is usually used to transport goods weighing up to hundreds of tons. Because of its heavy performance, tire selection usually falls on tires with high haulability.To transport container boxes, trailer trucks are usually used. This trailer truck is designed to be attractive instead of transporting. This truck is usually just a truck head with a container of container boxes behind it. This trailer special tire is usually labeled with a ST or Special Trailer code.
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