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Vibro Tire

Vibro tires or sometimes called roller-compactors are tires used for compactor-type heavy equipment vehicles that are used for soil, gravel, concrete, or asphalt in the construction of roads and foundations. Vibro Rollers / Bomag are also used in landfills or in the agricultural sector. Vibro tires have a characteristic (tread type) alligator / commonly called a parallelogram. Vibro tires are designed for use in rocky, dirt and uneven terrain applications. Ideal for road construction.

Vibro tires are generally used at a construction site to compact soil, rock, gravel and asphalt. In the field of road, airport construction or other types of construction that require certain stability and density, this type of vibro tire is commonly applied. Vibro tires are used in a heavy equipment called a compactor, this heavy equipment does function to compact certain areas or areas to get a certain level of density too. The price of vibro tires differs depending on the brand, type and type.

Types of Vibro Tires
- TR387
- TR391
- TR390
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