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Velg Loader

We are experienced in selling various types of Wheel Loaders. The use of wheel loaders and tire loaders that are not appropriate can cause a decrease in the effectiveness of your performance and can potentially trigger accidents of loader operators and people in your work area.

Loader wheels are commonly used for wheel loaders and crawler loaders. Wheel loaders are generally used for terrain with solid, hard, and good surfaces because this type of loader has good mobility. The wheel loader is also articulated which allows it to move flexibly.
The crawler loader combines tractor stability with wheel loader capabilities. However, in contrast to wheel loaders, the mobility of the crawler loader is very slow and not articulated so that its motion is limited, but the crawler loader has an advantage over wheel loaders, which is that it can move in all fields because the undercarriage can be used in all fields, from clay, mud and other surfaces the wheel loaders cannot do.

If you are looking for wheel loaders that are not listed on our website, contact us at banforklift.id for detailed product information and price quotes from us.
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